Thursday, December 29, 2011

Request for Stories!

Hi Readers,

Have you ever accidentally said something funny while you were learning a new language or do you know of someone who has? Do you think you could share that experience with us in less than 200 words so we can post it on our blog, Blabbergasted?

I'd love to get a write-up of the event from you, and if you want, even a photo (we can also link to you). We're looking for as many of these hilarious mistakes as possible, so if you want to spread the word or share multiple experiences or even point us in the direction of someone you know who has blabbergasted before, that would be great! You can reach us at blabbergastedblog AT

Thanks so much!

Blabber and Gasted

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Put Your Books in Your Mouth

Put your books in your mouth.
My grandma struggled to learn Czech while living in Czech Republic with my grandpa who already spoke Czech. One day she was feeling particularly confident and held out a book to an acquaintance.

"Budeš jíst to?" she asked. She received a funny look.  

What she should have asked? "Budete si to?" She'd originally asked, "Will you eat this?" instead of "Will you read this?"